Love Your Legs Large Circle Fishnet Tights

Soni hat am „Fishnet Freitag“ ein tolles Review zum aktuellen Thema gebloggt, wie ich finde ausführlich und informativ…


Yep yep babes – I am loving this Fishnet Friday feeling and gonna keep it up as long as I have new fishnets to review!

This time you will be happy to know that I have layered these up with a fantastic gloss pair – I won’t reveal the name yet but keep on scrolling down 😉

The Spec

Size: One Size

Colour: Black

Price: £5.00

Bought From: Love Your Legs

My Outfit

Okay so I had a day off, which means I can finally play – this means I can dress how I want to!

I decided to rock it with my oversized black shirt, shorts underneath (hidden), double layered tights and then I rocked my trainers with them when I went out. I wanted it to be focused on the tights, so left the footwear out of this review.

To funk it up, I…

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