Lazy Cat Designs – Triangles

Diese Strumpfhose find‘ ich echt lustig, ist sicher nichts für jeden Tag 😉 ,aber irgendwie ein cooler Hingucker! Könnte ich mir auch gut zu 7/8 Hosen vorstellen. Danke, Soni!


So part 2 of 3 is on my legs, and I am totally feeling these. They have got to be the funkiest I own so far – I don’t think I have seen anything like this before (well maybe in magazines but not something that I could actually buy!).

So glad that the weather is holding out because hosiery like these can finally come out to play once again!

 The Spec

Colour: Nude / Coloured

Size: One Size

Denier: 20

Price: Sale £4.99

Website: Lazy Cat Designs

My Outfit

I swear every time I think of blue, the white comes out with it. It’s just one combo that I love and just works so well together without it looking so dark or formal.

Anyways so I did a floaty cami top tucked into my high waisted skirt and then added plum shoes into the mix to give it…

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